So what goes into building a digital super-brand?

Welcome to a realm of endless possibilities where IHX Studio unfolds the roadmap to transform your business into a thriving digital super-brand. Explore a curated selection of tailored solutions that extend beyond services – they are the building blocks for your brand’s success story.

Make a Logo

Design a visual symbol that represents your brand, making it instantly recognizable and memorable

Start a Website

Create a user-friendly online space where people can learn about and interact with your business.

List on Google Maps

Ensure your business location is easily found on Google Maps, helping local customers discover your physical store.

Build Brand Identity

Develop a consistent and unique brand image that reflects your business values and personality.

Setup Social Medias

Establish and optimize your presence on social media platforms to connect with and build a community around your brand.

Create Content Strategy

Plan what kind of interesting and valuable content you’ll share to attract and keep your audience engaged.

Form SEO Strategy

Figure out how to make your website more visible on search engines so people can find you easily.

Create Marketing Strategy

Come up with a plan to promote your business using a mix of digital and traditional marketing methods.

Start Digital Marketing

Use online channels like social media and emails to reach more people and engage with your audience.

Setup Performance Marketing

Run marketing campaigns that you can measure and track to make sure they’re effective.

Start an Online Store

Open an online shop where customers can buy your products or services from the comfort of their homes.

Setup Online Payments

Enable secure and easy online payment options for customers making purchases on your website.

Accept Online Bookings

Allow customers to book appointments or services online for their convenience.

Setup Subscrption Business

Offer a subscription model to provide a continuous service and create loyal customers.

Start WhatsApp Marketing

Offer a subscription model to provide a continuous service and create loyal customers.

Setup Automations

Use tools that can handle routine tasks automatically, saving you time and ensuring consistenc

Build Chatbots

Integrate chatbots to provide instant help and answers to common questions on your website.

Setup CRM Tools

Use tools to manage and improve relationships with your customers.

Setup HRM Tools

Implement tools to make managing your team and business operations more efficient.

Create a Web App

Develop a web application to offer additional features or services on your website.

Start a Mobile App

Launch a mobile app to provide a convenient and personalized experience for users on their phones.

Build a SaaS Product

Develop subscription-based software solutions that cater to specific needs within your target marke

Integrate AI

Incorporate AI solutions to enhance user experiences and gather insights for better decision-making.

Build an Ecosystem

Create a connected system of products or services, making the overall experience seamless for your customers across different platforms.


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