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Step into IHX Studio, where we’re all about forging real connections and unforgettable human experiences. We’re not just a web agency; we’re your partners in crafting a digital space that feels uniquely ‘you.’

Our team has had the privilege of working with some incredible clients over the years.

So what goes into building a digital super-brand?

Welcome to a realm of endless possibilities where IHX Studio unfolds the roadmap to transform your business into a thriving digital super-brand. Explore a curated selection of tailored solutions that extend beyond services – they are the building blocks for your brand’s success story.

Make a Logo & Brand Identity

Design a visual symbol that represents your brand, making it instantly recognizable and memorable

Start a Website

Create a user-friendly online space where people can learn about and interact with your business.

Social Media Management

Establish and optimize your presence on social media platforms to connect with and build a community around your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation

Figure out how to make your website more visible on search engines so people can find you easily.

Setup Performance Marketing

Run marketing campaigns that you can measure and track to make sure they’re effective.

Setup Subscrption Business

Offer a subscription model to provide a continuous service and create loyal customers.

Start an Online Store

Open an online shop where customers can buy your products or services from the comfort of their homes.

Start WhatsApp Marketing

Offer a subscription model to provide a continuous service and create loyal customers.

Setup CRM Tools

Use tools to manage and improve relationships with your customers.

Create a Web App

Develop a web application to offer additional features or services on your website.

Start a Mobile App

Launch a mobile app to provide a convenient and personalized experience for users on their phones.

Integrate AI

Incorporate AI solutions to enhance user experiences and gather insights for better decision-making.

In this journey towards digital super-brand status, IHX Studio is your dedicated partner, offering expertise and guidance in every step. Together, let’s transcend the ordinary and craft a brand experience that stands the test of time.

Meet your digital experts.

Get to Know the IHX Studio Collective – real people with a shared passion for turning dreams into digital realities. Our small yet mighty team brings a unique blend of skills, united by a shared passion for crafting remarkable online spaces.


Joe is a strategy and product development expert with demonstrated experience in brand building. He is also the co-founder of a travel tech startup.


Andy is a design and visual identity expert with years of experience building brands for startups. She is also a lecturer of design and animation.


Rijin is a development and technology expert with experience building tech solutions for brands. He is also a technical specialist at a software company.

One. Two. Three.

Our seamless 3-step process takes you from the initial spark of an idea to the triumphant execution of your digital vision


Uncover aspirations, challenges, and identity collaboratively.


Craft a strategic roadmap reflecting your essence.


Precision and creativity bring your vision to life.

What our clients says

Dive into the experiences of those who’ve journeyed with IHX Studio. Explore firsthand accounts of seamless collaborations, transformative results, and the genuine satisfaction our clients have found in our tailored digital solutions.

Mr. Rajapandian

Mr. Rajapandian

Sree Labeltech

Our experience with IHX Studio in developing our was exceptional. Their attention to detail and understanding of our industry needs were evident throughout. The result? A user-friendly, visually appealing platform that has significantly enhanced our online presence.

Mr. Arbaz

Mr. Arbaz

195 Vacations

IHX Studio’s development of our booking software was a game-changer for our travel company. From seamless reservation processes to a user-friendly interface, the team’s strategic planning and execution have significantly streamlined our operations.

Dr. Jeril

Dr. Jeril

Mangroves Wellbeing

IHX Studio played a pivotal role in bringing our vision for the online psychology portal to life. The team’s expertise in creating an intuitive and secure platform exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to mental health and user experience shines through in every aspect of the portal.

Fr. Benny

Fr. Benny

Biomountain FPC

IHX Studio breathed life into our spices brand online. The e-commerce website they crafted not only showcases our products beautifully but also provides a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. Their dedication to capturing the essence of our brand is truly commendable.

Mr. Sreedev

Mr. Sreedev

Adsflo Worldwide

Collaborating with IHX Studio for my portfolio was an absolute pleasure. Their creative insights and technical proficiency transformed my vision into a visually stunning showcase. The website truly reflects my directorial style, thanks to their meticulous planning and execution.



Dataroots Tech

As a web development company, partnering with IHX Studio for multiple UI UX designs has been a fruitful collaboration. Their designs seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, contributing to the success of our projects. IHX Studio truly understands the art and science of user experience.